Game Edit

This title is slightly misleading, it's not a game editor per se. This is where I play around with little simulations. Here are some of mine:

fireworks fish collision collision with debug project warpdrive rain eco system

Anything is editable. Just edit the code and see the changes. Yes it may break depending on what you do, just reload, changes are saved locally. Ctrl-S to save, then just copy the url and use anywhere.

The code on the right represents a simple game loop function. Access last state with state, and return new state. Rects and Lines are the only supported ways of drawing now. Simply return a list of params in a list in state for rects or lines as specified:
lines: [[ax, ay, bx, by, color]]
rects: [[x, y, width, height, color]]
state.mouse can be used to get the position of the mouse